Monday, 7 January 2013

Learn english as easy as pie

 Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera . Hey there, whaddya doin now? harap2 semuanya sihat sentiasa dan dilimpahi kasih sayang serta rahmat Allah SWT .
  1. Psychopannychism - belief in sleep of souls from death to bodil resurrection
  2. Psychaesthesia - sensation in relation to feeling and tought 
  3. Procryptic - Pertaining to or having protective coloration
  4. Xenodocheionology - Love of hotels and inns
  5. Xiphophyllous - Sword shaped leaves 
  6. Triphyllous - Three leaved 
  7. Tristachyous - Three spiked
  8. Theophilanthopism - Love of God and man 
  9. Synchysis - Confusion
  10. Synoecious - Having male and female flower in same in florescence
  11. Rhizanthous - with flowers emerging from root
  12. Psychoprophylaxis - use of relaxation techniques
Itu saja yang dapat saya konsikan . Semoga dapat memberi manffat kepada anda semua .Thanks a bunch for reading.